Pop Culture and Celebrity Confusions

I need help understanding the following phenomena:


Big Brother After Dark: I regretted watching 15 minutes of this live video feed of a bunch of plotting housemates eating, talking and scratching their nether regions. Can anybody tell me why Showtime wants to stream this on their network?

The Kardashians: Why is the media so fascinated with a bunch of untalented albeit attractive “women” who date athletes? And now, they’ve got a clothing line at Sears.

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Hilarity cures my moody blues: Warning–second video might not be fit for delicate ears

After two days of unbridled eating that started with the buffet brunch on Father’s day, I struggled to get into my GAP jeans this morning and just when I thought I’d be able to close it, the zipper broke. Then while in line at the dry cleaners, an old lady chastised me for using the F-word while talking on my cell phone. I wasn’t talking very loud and what in the heck was she doing snooping in on my conversation anyway? To top it off the cleaners couldn’t get the red stain out of my silk blouse. Guess where the red stain is? Yup, right where my nips would be. If I wore that blouse on a cold day, I’d be red beaming. Sometimes, life’s little nuisances give me the moody blues. So, I clicked on my list of bookmarked You Tube videos for a chuckle or two to brighten my mood:

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My Favorite TV Dads

My dad, in his humanity, is a flawed man. But he is the only man who has never let me down and he is the only man who I’ve ever truly trusted.

Now let’s get on with the show. In honor of Father’s Day here are clips of my favorite TV dads. Dear readers, I urge you not to miss the last video as it is one of the funniest scenes I’ve ever seen.

I watched “The Andy Griffith Show” every day as a kid and I especially loved the relationship between Andy and his son Opie.  Watch and see if you can identify the little boy in this scene.

Watch this clip of “The Cosby Show” as Heathcliff Huxtable tries to get his daughter Rudy to eat her veggies.  Read more of this post

Before They Were Stars

You Tube makes it possible for insomniacs like me to see what famous people did before they made it big.

Do you recognize the girl in this clip? Before she got her officer and gentleman, she came to terms with learning how to spin.

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Funny Videos from You Tube Will Cheer You Up

It’s been a dreary Tuesday. Summer is nearing, but it rained today in Los Angeles and I need some cheering up. Maybe you do to wherever you are in the world.

Cute and just a touch creepy … but this Evian Babies video always makes me smile.

This second Evian commercial is for the kid in all of us.

Have you ever wondered about what PBS didn’t show in episodes of the French Chef? This SNL episode with Dan Aykroyd shows us the klutzy side of Julia Child.

I have seen the candy factory episode of I Love Lucy dozens of times and I always need to wear Depends when watching this scene. 

And finally, this video of The Mamas & the Papas is for all you out there in California dreaming of sun and surf …



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