Crazy Freaks Club Official Theme Song

The Crazy Freaks Club needs an official theme song and our member Lizzie Cracked of Running Naked with Scissors blog showed her awesome freakiness by suggesting these three videos.

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Crazy Caption Contest

 Here are the crazy captions from readers of my Picturology-Crazy Captioning post. Readers submitted their captions for this picture:

Wikimedia Commons-Copyright expired, PD-Art

The participants: 

1. karenoia says:

i think she is saying “I just pulled the leaf off that guy’s cock!!!! yipppeeeeeeee. his dick is so tiny!!!!!!”

2. kdaddy23 says:

She’s saying, “It’s true! It’s true!”

I think shes saying, ” i forgot to shave my armpits “

4. Aurora says:

She’s saying:
“That was so pathetic, I couldn’t even stop to give the blankets back… phew… lucky escape!”

“Patty Piper picked a peck of pickled penises
A peck of pickled penises Patty Piper picked”

6. Lorna’s Voice says:

“Emily wasn’t keen on entering the water using the boys’ favorite “cannonball” technique, so she devised her own “Goddess Torpedo.” The boys were awestruck. so was the duck.”

7. Ugly Shoelace says:

I think she is saying “And not a single fuck was given that day”.

8. kiwikar says:

Only one simple thing: “Wheeeeee!”

9. Bodhirose says:

“Damn! I wish the cook would have someone else go diving for the lotus blossoms that she likes to cook with–I was lucky enough to find a few on the bank!”

She is saying:

ж, јас сум толку возбуден! Конечно, го најдов златна гранка и сега може да си дозволи ми глупак работа!

…because she doesn’t speak English, I think she’s Macedonian! :)

11. dribblingpensioner says:

She is saying ” i’m running and jumping without a bra “

12. veehcirra says:

I think she is saying “catch me if you can, Adam”

Vote for your favorite caption:

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