The Man from Malutopia–A Story of Genital Proportions

In the world of Malutopia lived an alpha male named Zeuks Strong. From his swagger and his muscles to his talent in seduction, Zeuks represented all that is manly and good in Malutopia. Zeuks along with his fellows schlongers Dionassus, Pervinsky, and Dickends worked, played and lived up to the Malutopia philosophy: Spread your seed for your need to breed.

Zeuks was an expert seeder and breeder. If one were to take an accounting of his spawnings, one would see lots of tots peppered throughout Malutopia (with dark wavy hair, blue eyes and the Strong birthmark–a broken heart behind the left ear) being dragged by harried mammas left to love and endure the burden of single motherhood, which was the rule in their world.

Zeuks was of course the undisputed leader of the schlongers. He earned this honor during a size and endurance competition when he and his friends stood around in a circle and compared schlongs. It was determined that Zeuks was the biggest prick and the most expert at bumping and grinding the hardest and the longest. Unknown was who he bumped and ground although it can be said that whoever it was had a big hole in her head for agreeing to participate in the contest for orgies were permitted, but not required of the femmes.

Such leadership often required Zeuks to mentor the lesser schlongs on the best way to:

screw with a woman’s heart and mind

capture a resistant woman

vanquish the woman once their novelty wore of

After a night of debauchery with a very stunning, but nameless redhead Zeuks woke up alone in his bedroom. He felt satisfied and refreshed that morning. He stretched and scratched his balls, but to his surprise they were gone and when he ran his hand across his chest, he felt two very ample mammary glands. He immediately ran to the mirror and before him was not Zeuks alpha male, but a woman. Zeuks had transformed into a voluptuous Zelda overnight.

He took off his boxers for a genital check, and to his horror, his schlong was now a pretty little “girly part.” He thought he was going crazy so he texted his fellow schlongers to come over. Once they arrived they of course saw Zeuks Zelda naked for in his her confusion she had forgotten to get dressed.

The men asked for Zeuks and when Zelda said, “It’s me fellow schlongs. Something terrible has happened,” the schlongers laughed and began to eye the naked woman before them. For a naked woman, according to the Malutopia Manifesto meant a free for all.

Dionassus began to contemplate taking Zelda up the rear, Pervinsky thought about tying her up and whipping her for fibbing about who she was and Dickends’ thought about how he would blog about this encounter as his schlong grew harder and harder. The three schlongers approached Zelda and began to grope her. She told them to stop.

“You don’t mean that. Or you wouldn’t have greeted us lewd and nude, ” Pervinsky countered.

“Yeah,” Dionassus replied as he began to unbuckle his belt.

“Cooperate woman,” Dickends replied stroking his schlong from root to tip.

Zelda ran into the room and locked herself up. This was her friends and they were acting like animals. Of course, this was normal behavior for the men in Malutopia, but now that Zeuks Zelda was on the receiving end of this behavior everything suddenly felt wrong. But Zelda had to think quick as the schlongers were banging on the door. “I’ll come out on one condition,” Zelda screamed through the door.

“You can’t give conditions, you’re a pussy not a schlong,” Dionassus replied.

“Open up or we’ll report you to the Malutopia Behavioral Institute for non-compliance,” Pervinsky shouted.

“You probably haven’t even been fertilized and it’s our duty to plant our seed into you. Now open up,” said Dickends.

Pussy? Non-compliance? Open up? Fertilized? Duty? Zelda didn’t want any of  the schlongs inside her. Hell she was a schlong herself last night. And the thought of a baby bump from one of them nauseated her. It was in this moment that Zelda realized the malfunction of the Malutopia ways.

Why did Zeuks turn into Zelda? What will the schlongers do? Will Zelda accept her new fate in life? 

To be continued …

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© 2011 Lafemmeroar

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4 Responses to The Man from Malutopia–A Story of Genital Proportions

  1. HaHa….Zelda indeed and in need. What will heshe do? I hope not be transformed to badly and instead be saved for no, it would be terrible a fate for himher to suffer what has happed to others.

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